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    Can't open or import project

      I have a project that was working and I cannot open it now. I believe that it is related to dynamically linked objects since I accidentally imported the project into After Effects instead of just the piece I had wanted to import. I've gone through the forums and tried just about everything that was mentioned in other threads:

      When I try to open the project, it gets about 95% of the way and then stops. I have let it sit at this stage for a full day. While it is at this stage, the CPU is not maxed out (it's barely in use), and memory usage is not increasing or maxed.

      When I create a new project, and try to import sequences or the entire project from the original one, I get a Dynamic Link error occurred message.

      I've opened the project using XMLWrench to validate it, and the xml is fine.

      I've trying opening it and importing it after hiding my assets by renaming the directories. I've also tried with renaming preview directories, and so forth. While the bar shows loading at about 95%, it apparently doesn't get far enough to ask for the location of the missing assets.

      I've created another copy of the project, and imported that into After Effects, and that worked fine. Unfortunately, trying to import that back into Premiere will just result in Compositions and I need my sequences and edits back.

      I've uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere & After Effects as well.

      Is there a way to enable logging during the load process so I can see where it's sticking? Or is there a way to remove or at least temporarily remove the dynamic linking in the project file (I'm assuming that's where the problem is since I got a Dynamic Linking error). Or is there some way to easily import select sequences from another project file without it going through the dynamic linking process before it displays the sequences?

      I'm completely stuck. I was 99% done and ready to start exporting it to use in Encore. I just need to make a few small edits and changes. I don't want to have to start over.