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    Help! Lost  working project link from P CS4 to AE CS4--files missing

    don solomon Level 1
      Bear with my ineptness. I am trying to solve a Dynamic Linking to AE Prob. Something has gone south, no doubt do to my stupidity.

      I had a project with ten Ntsc DV AVI clips in a sequence in CS4, and I used the "replace with comp from AE" feature to color correct each one in succession in AE. All went well. Corrections showed up as they should on the Premier timeline--looked great. No problems.

      Then, and this may be the mistake, got a call from a client who needed an asset pronto. Shut down both Premiere and AE, saving the projects. Never done that before with a linked project!

      Came back started both back up. AE said 10 files were missing since the last save--colorbars instead! Nothing had been touched or moved. In Premiere, no messages, just ten clips with colorbars!

      Did I blow this project by shutting down Premiere and AE?

      Can I salvage it anyway?

      Much thanks in advance.