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    Multicam Editing

      I currently own Premiere Elements 2 and do work on multicamera wedding videos. Trying to do do multicam editing in PE2 is very difficult- resizing and position the tracks so all can be displayed in the monitor, cutting track 3 and 2, disabling those pieces so track 1 displays, then re-enabling track 2 when I want it to come back in. It seems that Vegas and other simple programs like Edit Studio have adopted a much friendier approach where you can see all the tracks in the monitor without resizing, then tap 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on the track you want to be active. I can't find specifics on how Premiere Pro does multi-cam editing and it doesn't appear that I can download just a manual for it. Could someone describe the process for multicam editing with the latest version of premiere and does anyone know if the multicam editing function has been improved in the elements version of premiere?

      Andrew V. Romero