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    Interations in Tweener (caurina)

    kalibahlu Level 1
      I've created a sort of rotating carousel using Tweener to move the objects. It's works fine using "previous" and "next" buttons to move one object at a time through the loop. However, I also have a row of thumbnails to allow the user to click on, say, item 10, when the current item in the foreground is, for example, item 3, and in that case, it runs a script with a for-loop that iterates the correct number of times to rotate through the carousel to get to that item. It's all working fine, except the loop runs faster than the Tweens can draw up, causing some objects to skip some tweening effects and take short cuts across the screen. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting Tweener to wait for one iteration of the for-loop to finish executing before going on to the next iteration? Thank you in advance!