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    Cross Dissolve Issue

      I'm trying to set up a bunch of still images in two video tracks alternating between each other using cross dissolve to blend between the two tracks. This worked fine with CS2 but it's not working correctly in CS4 (I skipped over CS3 because I got tired of Adobe's once a year upgrade schedule and I didn't need the new features at the time).

      The dissolves works correctly if I scrub the timeline cursor over the dissolve. But the moment I try to render it out or hit Enter to do a preview, the dissolves dissapear and it jump cuts from one image to the next.

      I think I see why this is happening. If I open up the Dissolve workspace by clicking on the Dissolve effect in the timeline, one of the two A/B video sources is black and the mini timeline on the right only shows one track but nothing in the other track. Odd that scrubbing with cursor still generates a dissolve under the circumstances.

      Has anyone else had this problem? And been able to get around it? I suspected that CS4 was bug ridden already due to various issues I've already seen but managed to get around, and that's after having installed November's patch. I work in QC and I never would have approved a release like this. But that's another story.

      Any help would be appreciated. Maybe I have to put CS2 back on the system again to get this done...