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    How do I get Vio Pov.1 (helmetcam) footage to work with Premiere CS4?

    Dynamedia Level 1

      I'm having the same problems as this guy: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b78c2b/7 with video from the Vio Pov.1 not playing in premiere. Although his topic is already there I made a new topic to get some fresh hits and try to resolve this once and for all. Also because I make some reference to Canon Ixus video files.

      I have run the codec-analyzer g-spot on one of the pov.1 video files and it states that I have the proper codec installed.

      Codecs in video clip:
      Video: XviD ISO MPEG-4 @ 3101kbps 720*480
      Audio: 0x0050 MPEG-1 Layer 2 @ 32000Hz 64 kb/s , Monophonic

      Still no luck playing/editing them in Premiere CS4. Audio plays fine, video shows but frame is only updated every 4-5 seconds and not the actual frame that corresponds to that point in the audio but actually the next frame from the first one. It continues like that.


      Running Vista 32 bit and Adobe Master Collection CS4

      Quad-core 2,4GHz
      4GB ram (i know, only about 3 to 3,5GB utilized in 32 bit OS.)
      Nvidia 8800GT 512mb
      74GB WD Raptor as system/adobe software drive.
      500GB Samsung spinpoint throuch E-sata as project drive.

      The wierd thing is this:

      I have a separate system drive with windows xp installed, Adobe Master collection CS3 fully updated and NO other software. (same computer)
      Differance between CS3 and CS4:

      CS3,no codec pack:
      - Canon ixus video files WORK
      - Vio Pov.1 reported as audio only, not even thumbs showing FAIL

      CS3, ffdshow codec pack installed(ffdshow-rev2180_20081004_xxl)
      - Canon ixus: WORKS
      - Vio Pov.1: WORKS

      CS4 on vista, relatively fresh install, fully updated, no codes packs.
      - Canon ixus: FAIL
      - Vio Pov.1: FAIL (video)

      CS4, same as above with ffdshow installed:
      - Canon ixus: FAIL
      - Vio Pov.1: FAIL (video)

      CS4, same as above with morgan mjpeg codec installed:
      - Canon ixus: WORKS (yay!)
      - Vio Pov.1: FAIL (obviously as it's not mjpeg)

      Someone with some insight into these things, please point me in the right direction. Does anyone have experience with managing video settings within the ffdshow interface? I'm not experienced enough to tweak all the settings.

      The current project Im working on is a small web clip shot with a Panasonic HDC-SD100 and the Vio Pov.1. It's a short rally on ice clip I'm looking to produce the panasonic video files are NOT supportet in CS3 even with codec packs.

      panasonic: no!
      vio-pov1: yes!

      Panasonic: yes!
      Vio-pov1: no!

      See my problem?

      I added the Canon ixus comparison since I previously had problems with it but have now solved them. Also to show that Adobe seem to have cut support for certain formats when moving on to CS4. It has taken me a looong time figuring out how to get ixus working in premiere because I'm not used to this stuff.

      The ideal solution is not having to convert clips before using them so I would like to focus on that avenue. After all it finally worked with the ixus clips so I have hopes that eventually a solution can be found for the Pov.1 clips which is also more widely spread and used in proper productions.

      Im very sorry for the format of this post, and the length. I just had to get it out there to see if someone can help me.

      / Johannes
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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I think the prevailing wisdom is XVid = convert to edit in PP. Some "meant for watching" codecs can be worked with in PP, but I don't recall success stories for XVid.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Stanley's solution is the way that I handle similar footage. When I get handed Xvid, or DivX footage, I convert to DV-AVI Type II, warn the client about the loss of quality, and edit. I do all of the conversion outside of PP with a standalone conversion program, that allows batch conversion. Load it up, point it the correct folder, get a cup of coffee and when I get back, I have the DV-AVI's to Import into PP. Like I stated, you WILL take a quality hit, especially when going out to DVD, or similar. Both of those CODEC's are delivery formats and are highly compressed to begin with. Still, with a little work before Import, they can be edited fine in PP. Oh, did I mention the quality hit?

            Good luck,

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              Dynamedia Level 1
              Thank you Stanley and Bill for your input.
              Sorry for checking the topics progress so late.

              Bill, could I ask what specific software you are using for this batch conversion task?

              Like I stated in my first post I am able to edit the Pov.1 material when plugging in my secondary HD with Xp and CS3 on it. So I can fiddle about with that as well but if you could supply me with the name of your software it would save me all that time swapping harddrives back and fourth. There are so many out there, would like to eliminate risk of malware and such by using the software you have.

              (reminder, cs3 does not do AVCHD, #1 of many reasons why I prefer cs4)

              I'm still testing various xvid/mpeg4 settings with ffdshow and other codecs, I'm still determined to find a solution, for everyone. After all, it CAN run under CS3.

              I have also submitted the case to Adobe. Hoping to hear from them soon. Anyone else care to throw some thoughts in?

              Thanks again for the input so far,

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                Jim_Simon Level 9
                I agree with Bill & Stanley. Compressed videos using Divx or Xvid offer spotty performance. Convert them to a standard camera format first.
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Johannes Holmlund,

                  I use DigitalMedia Converter (Deskshare), and it will use *most* properly installed CODEC's for the conversion. It does not include any of its own. That is one of the things that I like about it.

                  Every now and then, the DV-AVI converted file will Import into PP with an improper Duration. I have never figured out what I am doing wrong with those - no more than about 10%, if that high. I just Import these problem DV-AVI's into Premiere Elements (Duration is always correct there) and Export as DV-AVI. Clears it up 100% of the time for me.

                  To date, the above has been the only glitch, and it has to be OE on my part, though the conversion settings are the exact same, as for the ones that have the correct Duration. Phases of the Moon?

                  Good luck,