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    Troubleshooting Media Encoder

      I have a small project less than 5 minutes in length. I am using 7 video tracks (I have fixed graphics displayed in 4 TV monitors on a virual set plus titles therefore I need multiple video tracks).

      I have 2 video clips I created using keylight in after effects to remove a green screen. Each clip is 1440x1080 29.97 and about 2 minutes in length.

      Although the entire project is only about 5 minutes in length Adobe Media Encoder takes 16 hours (really, 16 hours) to output to H.264 (high def).

      Can anyone offer any guidance as to how to start troubleshooting? Should I reset preferences, delete cache, etc?

      I should also note that, while I'm not working on a powerhorse, I've created 5 minute HD videos on this PC earlier in the week in about 15-20 minutes. The only diff I can see between those and this one is the # of video tracks.

      Thanks for any help...

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          joshtownsend Level 2
          I imagine the virtual set might eat up a lot of time. My suggestion is to give us all computer specs, media specs, sequence settings, Effects.

          With 7 layer and a virtual set, dynamic link I can see it taking that long.
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            chriscorcoran Level 1
            Thanks for the help. The sequence is 1440x1080. The virtual set is not big deal, just a photoshop image with a couple of tv monintors (transparency). Video track above that is my talent with transparency and 2 trackes below that are the psd images that are in the tv monitors (logos).
            If I export just the video it exports in 5 minutes or so which is what I have experienced in the past so the issue is not with the video.

            For testing purposes I am exporting to h.264 and choosing the straight youtube format but even this is taking 8-10 hours to render.
            Any help is appreciated. I am already past my deadline.