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    Premiere CS4 and HV30 (HDV 1080i 24p with 2-3 pulldown scheme)

      I am currently capturing video shot with an HV30. The footage was shot in HDV PF24 mode along with the CINE MODE selected. The results look great but I am wondering about the frame rate being reported per clip in CS4.

      The project was setup using the HDV 1080p24 preset but I am guessing that could be wrong. I didn't see an HDV 1080i 24p preset but probably should have created one. The clips are showing in the bin as 29.97 and not showing 23.97 like the Sequence. I know the camera recorded the 24p in a 60i wrapper but I thought the preset would have covered that. When I select interpret footage the remove pulldown isn't available.

      Is there anything I should have done differently? or is there anything I need to do at all?

      I have shot with the HV20 and CS3 in the past without this being a problem.

      ideas? or kind pushes in the right direction :)