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    AVCHD Dolby 5.1 M2TS project downmixes to stereo upon render

      Hi all,

      I hope somehow would be kind enough to help out here.

      I have a Sony HDR-SR12 AVCHD camera, recording projects in Dolby Digital 5.1. All videos load and edit fine on the timeline, and I can output to an M2TS file with full Dolby Digital 5.1 via the Surcode plugin (Dolby Digital 3/2 preset). There is only one 5.1 audio track on the timeline.

      However on playback, only the front speakers are utilised. My amplifier correctly tells me the source is 5.1, but there is only silence in the rears channels. Upon playback of the raw .M2TS file, the audio plays back in proper 5.1.

      I've looked at all obvious options, and there seems to be nothing else to tweak. Any ideas?