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    Can you delete unused footage from DVDs?

      I am new to using any video editing program. I'm trying to take clips of our daughter's soccer plays from multiple soccer game DVDs. Each DVD is about 4.1 GB when I load them. So far I've loaded two. Out of the approximately 175 minutes of video I've loaded, I'm only using about 5 minutes of it for my video. I want to delete the unused footage. The DVDs are organized in 20 minute segments in the "edit" screen and I'm taking some clips from each segment. My video file is about 12 GB on my hard drive and most of it is unnecessary and slows down the process. I can't find any directions in the Help file or on previous user posting that tell me how to do this. One other posting said it's all or nothing and that you can't delete anything but I wasn't 100% certain it was the same situation as mine.

      I'm down to 14% free space on my hard drive (63GB out of 75GB used). I have an external hard drive with about 105 GB free space. If I can't delete the unwanted footage should I work with this in my external hard drive. And if I do this do I just do a "Save As" and put it on my external hard drive and then open the project from there? Will the project and all video's be on my external drive that way or do I need to do something else?