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      I think the title says it all, and I hope that someone out there has an experiential response to my query! In effect, on a new computer, I have installed CS4, but now I wish to also install CS3, for reasons described briefly following, and I wonder if anyone has done this, and has any adverse results in following this order of installation. I know there is plenty written here about installing CS4 on top of CS3, and also about the problems associated with removing CS3 after CS4 has been installed.

      I believe my system is adequate: Boxx 4850, Intel I7 Quad Core overclocked to 4.0 Ghz, 6GB Ram, NVidia Quadro CX, 250 GB 7,200 SATA, 2 x 500GB 7,200 SATA, etc., etc.., and thus far I have not experienced any significant issues with CS4, though my experience with it is so far relatively limited to some basic editing and DVD production.

      I wish to install CS3 in order to continue to run Cineform Prospect 4k, which is not yet ready for CS4 - and I wish to use Cineform for downrezzing EX-1 HD output to SD, prior to utilizing AME. I find Cineform's downrezzing capability far superior to AME. Any knowledgeable response would be most appreciated.