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    Security information popup PITA...

    fuaho Level 1
      As though CS4 isn't enough trouble, this new forum gives me a popup security alert saying there are "secure and nonsecure items, do I want to display the nonsecure items" on every freakin' mouse click; both to read a forum item and to return to the general forum.

      I have gone into:

      Tools\Popup blocker and allowed https://www.adobeforums.com

      but it is still happening!!!

      WTF??? Is Adobe now phishing forum users...????

      This just started with the recent transition to this new forum system.
      Any ideas (other than turning off/on the blocker everytime I come to the forum)?

      WinXP x64, 64-bit Internet Explorer and 32-bit Internet Explorer.

      And don't suggest Eudora or Semphora or Radon or some other browser, please.