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    I desperately need help with exporting...

      I am currently running Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 on a Macbook Pro.
      I have been given a video that has already been created, seperated into sequences and everything is ready to go.

      The problem I am having is with exporting. The person using this video has to have it in an .avi format. From what I can tell, there is no way to export a sequence into an .avi format, so does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can accomplish this? I have tried saving it in Quicktime and MPEG2 format and then converting it to an .avi using MPEG Streamclip, but when I do that there is no sound.

      I am at a loss - this is my first time really using Premiere Pro and I have Googled my brains out looking for an answer to no avail and my deadline is getting incredibly close. Any help would be extremely appreciated.