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    CS4 Export AVI Media Encoder

      Trying to export an uncompressed AVI from CS4 via Media Encoder. Project settings are 1440x1080, 29.97. Project is compromised of mainly images and graphics. Going to be played off laptop connected to Plasma via HDMI. Kind of a short 5 minute presentation.

      Issue is I have tried many export settings and using:

      Microsoft AVI
      Video Codec - NONE
      Width - 1440
      Height - 1080
      Frame Rate 29.97
      Field - Progressive
      Aspect - HD Anamorphic (1.333)

      It exports the AVI but in Windows Media Player it playes 4:3. Can't figure why it keeps going back to 4:3 when aspect is set correctly.

      Was so much better in CS3. Any thoughts??