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    Premiere CS4 hangs when placing clips on TL or playback


      I'm new to Premiere Pro (longtime FCP user).

      The problem: Placing clips in the timeline makes the system freeze for a few seconds. Trying to playback the clip on the timeline leads to the same result_ Short freeze. After 10 seconds or so we can Playback for 4 seconds than the system freezes again.

      Playback in the canvas window, however, is working as expected.

      Footage used was: PAL resolution - uncompressed, 1080p in various codecs. All behave the same. Viewing option is set to Mpeg2, AVI is even worse.

      We've done 3 (!) new clean installs, with deinstalling, etc... Nothing changed to the better. Updating to .01 (necessary for the Red-plugin) doesn't help either.

      The system is a MacPro8, bootcaped with Windows XP32, a Nvidia 5600fx, fast FC Raid

      Thanks for any help!