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    Output to tape on MAC doesn't work

      I want to export video to tape.
      It does not work.
      Playback settings are:

      -Realtime playback-
      External device: Blackmagic PAL -10 Bit
      Aspect ration conversion: None
      External device: DV: 25 720 x 576i

      I want to use the firewire port to export DV PAL 16:9. Nothing works.

      Also, capturing is a problem: Premiere doesn't remember the video capture settings. It always returns to 'Uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2' no matter what I change it to.
      In the tab 'Source' settings always return to NTSC and some Blackmagic settings, but no DV PAL, no firewire.

      It all works fine on my PC laptop, but on the Mac there are several issues. Please help! Thank you.

      Here's my setup:
      Premiere Pro CS4 v 4.0.1
      Computer: Mac Pro, Quad Core 2.8 Ghz, 10 GB, Geforce8800GT, OSX 10.5.6
      Black magic Decklink HD extreme 2
      Camera: Sony DVCAM DSR-250 or Canon XH A1