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    "rendeing required files" and then error

      After I almost finished edit a short movie (in 5.1 surround) the PPro CS4 (4.0.1) showed me the massage "rendering required files" (i guess it rendered the sound because the video already been rendered) but before playing it, the program closed and show me "there was an error, would you like to send it to adobe" (or something like that).
      Now... I really in a hurry with this project, and i can't even play it on my PC, so i even won't try to export it :(

      I tried to change the "strech audio files" library, but after start to render the audio files i got the same error massage and i was asked if to send it to adobe.

      What should i do now?

      i have WinXP SP2
      Intel core2due e6400 (2.1ghz)
      3g ddr2 ram
      nvidia 9800gt
      soundblaster audigy2 zs