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    AVCHD playback problem ...

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      Anyone else notice when playing back AVCHD footage that sometimes the picture in the program monitor will freeze up, but the audio will continue?

      I was at DVExpo yesterday and shot some test footage with the new Panasonic HMC-150. The funny thing this, they had a computer set up at the booth with PPro CS4, and I noticed this behavior on the computer there. I just thought that it was something with that system, but when I got home - same sort of thing happened.

      Now I've got a pretty fast system so I think I should be fine with system specs.

      BTW, the footage was shot in the PH mode, 1080 24p and 1080 60i. I also shot some 720 24p footage, but I noticed there is no 720 AVCHD preset in PPRo.