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    Source Monitor Video/Audio problem

    sheryl fillmon Level 1
      I was using CS3 with Windows XP on a Gateway desktop and didn't have many issues capturing, editing or exporting. Since installing CS4 i'm attempting to create the same 30 min. project I did with CS3 and work through the issues 1 at a time. I (for the first time) used the metalogging function and "transcribed" a 40 min. tape worth of interviews. CS4 did transcribe, but now in the "Source" monitor I can't view or hear the 40 minute .avi file where I did before transcribing. It lets me "grab" and even make "edits" in the "Source" monitor (without hearing or seeing the video) and drop it into the timeline, but as I said, I can't hear or see it in "Source" monitor where I could before "transcribing". Therefore I have to edit it in the timeline.

      Also, in "Source" monitor, where you would normally be able to pick to edit either "Video" or "audio" or both, I can't, it only shows a "hand" icon over a video icon. I double click the video in the "project" panel where it should move it into the source monitor... but nothing.