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    Is ANYONE using CS4 with Soundbooth CS4?

    don solomon Level 1
      I have been trying to verify whether the dynamic link from SB to Ppro works as it should for anyone. When you open a new multitrack in SB, go to dynamic link, and choose to link to a sequence from PPro or AE, which requires navigating to to the drive location for the PPro project open in PPro on and choosing the sequence.

      What it does in my case is to import that sequence and place both a video and an audio track in Soundbooth. The video is there. The problem is that no waveforms appear on the audio track. But, the audio is there and will play back, but since the waveform doesn't appear, editing and syncing is impossible.

      Can anyone verify that this is a bug? Or is it a problem with my computer?
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          Nik Nastev
          You should import PPro project in SoundBooth and add your audio tracks in multitrack window. PPro audio tracks are in one audio track, but you can't edit it.

          All the best!
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            don solomon Level 1
            Thanks Nik,

            Can you elaborate? Are you saying that I should add a second copy of the audio track that goes with the video. Or are you saying that I should put the video in first and then add the audio track for it separately?

            Or, is it that I can't edit the original audio attached to the video that is there but has no waveform, but that I can add other audio to tracks 2,3,4, etc, that can be edited and synched to the Video?

            If I don't use dynamic link and simply open the video with audio attached from the disk, then the waveforms show along with the video and can be edited.

            I thought that the dynamic link to PPro was to bring in the video with its audio track into SB. What is the point to that if you can't edit the audio?

            As you can see, I am very confused by the design of Soundbooth. When used as a standalone editor, it works fine, but the dynamic link with PPro either does not work as it should, or it is just a stupid design. I just want to rule out that it is not a configuration problem or user error on my part.

            Thanks again Nik.
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              Nik Nastev Level 1
              - You can edit audio in SB with using "Edit in SB" in PPro.

              - When you insert PPro project into SB - audio tracks (never mind how many audio tracks you have in PPro) will be displayed as one audio track.

              The point to use SB is to made sound for you projects using scores.
              And edit a single audio file from PPro.

              I use ASND file format to work between PPro and SB.

              And watch "Short and Suite" series from Adobe TV, there you will see all what you need about SB and PPro cooperation :)
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                joshtownsend Level 2
                Yeah I didn't get the ASND file until I realized that it opens up a as a stereo track in Premiere but also opens up multitrack in SB. Makes sense kinda but it would suck if you had to do any changes to the cut. Might do some more testing on 'bread and butter' projects.