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    first project in CS4 and major issues with preview and such.....experienced with all previous PPRO v

      So to sum it up, I have been working in Premiere since version 4.2. I am familiar with program.

      I decided to test CS4 on a simple project, as I usually work on complex HD videos. I captured a friends wedding, shot by someone else (uncle or aunt) in DV mode. I open a CS4 project in DV NTSC 720x480 and import my clip. This should be a simple edit.

      I drag clips to the timeline and do some very basic dissolves in and out to smooth out the rough cuts of the camera operator. So far so good. I am previewing the video out on my second monitor which happens to be an HDTV via the premiere playback to secondary monitor feature.

      I drag a color correction filter onto a clip and "wham" the preview goes away. Then I turn the effect off and it comes back. When I scrub the timeline, all I see is the first frame of that clip all the way through. It's stuck. I have to build a preview to get it to play. In addition, I cannot see a preview of anything when I am makijng color adjustments except in the small monitor window of Premiere. This is basic editing 101....never had to give it a though before and now basic functionality is going haywire. Ofte images are all negative looking too.

      So I started a new project in HD and setup to preview to second monitor. I created a simple title and dragged it to the timeline. It won't preview to the second monitor at all. A simple title. Only in the little premiere monitor. Then I import a jpg....same thing. I have to build a preview to see anything....

      Then....I have these 2 clips on the timeline, a premiere title butted up against a jpg. With no effects, it now will not even show the title anywhere. During the five seconds of the title, I see the jpg (which is coming up next, but in a negative mode...you know reversed out basically) then when it gets to the jpg it shows. If I change the size of anything....it stops working again until I render.....

      I have to say that in the 45 minutes that I have been trying Cs4, it has behaved so strangely it is scaring me. CS3 has it's quirks but they typically present themselves in huge projects, not brand new ones with 2 clips in them, neither of these are even HD video! Just a title and a jpg.

      Any ideas? I have CS3 production Suite running great. Hopefully I missed a simple new setting or something. Yeah...right.

      Intel Q6600
      4GB Ram
      Nvidia 7950
      2 Terabytes of Raid Drives
      Sound Blaster Audigy Card

      My system is not slow by any means.....