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    Media Encoder issue or bug? 720p50 to 720i50

    spreeni Level 1
      Can anyone confirm a Media Encoder issue, happening when converting progressive 50-fullframe (or 60 for ntsc) to 50-interlaced frames?

      I tried to convert DVCProHD 720p50 clips to PAL DVD wich uses 576i50 (25 frames devided to 50 interlaced frames). The result was, that every second frame of the source clip was skiped, so I received a PAL clip in 25 full-frames (25p). And it didn't matter which field-order I choosed (upper/lower/progressive) - the result was always the same.

      when converting p50 to i50 I would expect, that AME would convert these 50 full-frames to 50 interlaced-frames with the field order I choosed. For example Canopus Procoder is working this way.

      Btw, I lost the link, where to report Premiere bugs to adobe. Can anyone post it, please?