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    how to get realtime playback of AE comps in prempro timeline??

    synapsemedia Level 1

      For a couple of years now I have been using dynamic link very sparingly as I have never been able to configure the system to give me realtime playback of AE comps sitting in the prem pro timeline.

      Now I realise that it cannot playback unrendered complex comps with many layers and filters etc. however i have also tried to playback AE comps in the PP timeline with just 1 layer of plain PAL video sitting in AE but with no luck. I have also rendered those linked comps out in AE as proxies thinking/hoping that prempro would then look at the rendered proxy and play it back in realtime although considering that it wont play comps with just 1 layer of PAL video I guess it would not make sense that it would play back the proxies in realtime either.

      Then just today I was watching "the adobe ones" an adobe TV series in the adobe media player about dynamically linked comps and the guy who was giving the tutorial said that dynamically linked comps in prempro will playback in realtime because it looks at the AE cache. this made my ears ***** up.

      so my question to this forum is, what does he mean by this AE cache? and does anyone know how to get Ppro to playback AE comps in realtime without constantly rendering the ppro timeline?

      p.s. to anyone who is going to give the answer "just render the premiere pro timeline" that is not the answer I am looking for however thank you for the effort anyway.

      thanks and regards