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      Hi! i'm trying to importe an XML Edit List exported from Final Cut pro and i Retrieve this message in the file  "FCP Translation Results"<br /><br />Translation issue:<br />     FCP XML xmeml version () is not one we recognize (1-4), results may not be predictable.<br /><br />I think i understand the message but my xml start with<br /><br /><?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?><br /><!DOCTYPE xmeml><br /><xmeml version = "4"><br />.....<br /></xmeml><br /><br />Someone can help me to find the mistake(s) ?<br />Thank you,<br />Francesco Lancia
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          I don't have FCP in front of me, but there is a checkbox in the XML export dialog that must be selected. It says something like "include all...???"

          Sorry I can't be more specific, but you should be able to find it easily enough.

          You don't state if you have FCP and PPro on the same platform or not. If they are, it will be easier because all of the directories will be the same. If not, you will have to either reconstruct the directories or, easiest of all, put all the media in a single directory. When you import the XML, Premiere will ask for a file. After you point to that one, it will automatically find all the rest.

          Some things to watch out for:

          do not use any transitions - fades, dissolves, etc - or effects in the FCP edit.

          do not use "black" or empty space. Create an actual black file in photoshop with the same dimensions as your project and use that in both the FCP and Premiere projects.

          do not use universal counting leader. Create a leader and export it as an actual file and then import that into both your FCP and Premiere projects.

          do not use any audio gain above +6dB.

          do not use any audio transitions - fades, dissolves, etc - or effects in the FCP edit.

          be aware that after your import and placing video and audio on the timeline that there will be no linkage between video and audio. Even though they appear to line up and be in the proper sequence, if you double click on a clip, you will see the video matchback with only the video icon in the source.

          There will be no handles, so you cannot always extend or change the length of a clip.

          The best way to handle the new timelines is to export the audio track and then re-import it and lay it onto a new track in the timeline.

          Then delete the original audio track. You can always razor blade the single track if you need to make modifications.

          The same is true of the video.

          Think of the XML as merely a way to get an almost finished, cuts only edit into Premiere long enough to export it to an uncompressed *.avi file and then delete the imports.

          Save often - sometimes after every single change that does not crash Premiere, because the next change probably will!!!:(