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    How to make file playable on DVD-player

      Hello all,

      I am new to Premiere Pro CS4. I have to make a videofile of approximately 13 minutes, which is playable on a DVD-player (type LG DV9900). The source format is 1440x1080p, and I really wish to keep this quality. There will be no sound or music whatsoever.

      Could someone help me to choose the correct videoformat. I would also like to have a good fps (to assure a smooth image). The videofile has to fit onto a regular DVD (4,7GB). At this moment I have a .wmv-videofile in good quality (438mb with fps 50), but unfortunately my DVD-player won't play it.

      I already tried it with .avi (Divx codec), but then the file is WAY to large.

      Please help as it is quite urgent, trade fair is about to begin on monday :).