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    CS4 hangs in the timeline and the program window

      This is going to be a difficult post since I'm not sure how to articulate the problem.

      To begin - I have been using Premier for many years, so I don't believe my difficulties are the result of being a newbie.

      I installed CS4 a few months ago, but have been heavily involved with project using CS3 and therefore have not fired up CS4 until recently. The problem is that after placing my clips on the timeline I can scrub and play them. Once I begin to make edits however, I scrub along the timeline and nothing happens - I don't see any visual changes in the monitor.

      If I wait a while then the functionality comes back (but only for a few moments) and then everything freezes again.

      This is really frustrating. So much so that I have gone back to usign CS3 since it actually works.

      I don't know how to fix this problem, nor do I know if others have the same problem.

      Any help will be appreciated.