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    Transitions Truncated During Export

    hhansard Level 1
      Couple of points on PP CS4

      Background: Asked to present at an imaging conference. To be efficient, I was just going to re-use a project completed in CS3 with a new intro.

      1. Could not open CS3 project in CS4. Crashed outright and got the we are sorry would you like to send an error report. Project opens in CS3 fine. 100% repeatable.
      2. Simple solution: I created a CS4 project with the same parameters as the CS3 and imported the CS3 project. OK, but the timing of the titles was altered. This was too much of a mess, so went to Plan B.
      3. Took a trailer I had done in CS2. Opened fine. One of the clips time-shifted. It was the only one in the sequence with a lighting effect. Fixed timing. Added what I wanted and went to export.
      4. On export, Media Encoder squeezed all titles and transitions. Actually, I liked the results better (now looks a bit like the cutting on Burn Notice), but that is not the point.
      5. The rendering in CS4 was fine, but only the export was altered.
      6. 100% repeatable.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance