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    Is it possible to export a video at under 500mb???

      I have a 3 minute video that I am trying to export and upload to Vimeo who caps your upload at 500mb. Yet, I can not export a .mov file under 655mb. There is no approx. file size shown for .mov for some reason like there are for other formats, and if I change formats, nothing works. Either the file type isn't supported or with formats like .mpg, Media Encoder exports two files, an MPG and a XMP which is ridiculous, I don't care about an XMP and MPG isn't even registered as a movie file by Quicktime.

      HOW do I export my video in ONE file at under 500mb? Can it even be done? What settings can I reduce if I make it a Quicktime video? I tried turning down the quality but it had zero effect on file size somehow.