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    Bug when encoding f4v videos longer than ~ 1 hour ?


      We're getting a strange problem with Adobe Media Encoder.

      We encode a long (slightly more than 1 hour) f4v video
      and Adobe Media Encoder reports that the file encoded
      successfully with no errors. But when we scrub through
      the video (i.e., move the play head from start to finish),
      the video hangs early in the video.

      The source video in original H.264 Quicktime format
      works perfectly and is known to be OK. We have plenty
      of disk space and memory, so that is not an issue.

      We do not have this problem when encoding shorter f4v videos
      (even slightly less than 1 hour). Does Adobe Media Encoder
      have a bug when encoding f4v videos longer than about 1 hour?
      Is there a workaround?

      Thanks in advance,