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    Slow exports of my HD footage

      I just bought the canon vixia hf11 and am working with HD footage for the first time. I'm not real familiar with the speeds at which I should expect Adobe's Media Encoder to perform at so I'm just curious:

      1. How long should it take to render out a 4 minute clip to h.264?
      2. Are we talking a couple of hours or is my setup slow?

      I covered a mixed martial arts show and will be producing some material for my client. I know there are many ways to export the file, but I just wanted a ballpark idea on how long I should expect it to take. I have several ways I'd like to render this footage out.

      1. For my client to view short clips first and provide feedback on the project as a whole - so I'd like to post them to the web for easy viewing (short 2-4 minute clips).
      2. I need to edit everything in Premiere CS4, which it seems like I need to create p2 files in order for my pc to play them back smoothly.

      Thanks for any and all info you guys can offer.

      Windows XP Pro SP3
      Pentium Dual Core 3.2Ghz
      2 GB Ram PC2 6400 - 400MHz