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    I just read this about 24PA footage

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      Premiere Pro, since version 2.0, has been able to remove 24p pulldown automatically - whether standard or advanced - on a 24p timeline, whether 1080 or 720 or 480. Because of the new Project setting/Sequence setting architecture, that ability is temporarily gone, and 24p footage shot "over-60" - that is, in a 59.94 stream with pulldown - must have its pulldown manually removed by using the "Interpret Footage/Remove 24p Pulldown function. This can be done to all the clips in the Project window at once, but its still a change for those who have enjoyed worry-free automatic removal since PP 2.0, and especially to those currently using 1080p P2 material in PP 3.1 or later. But, as I said, this is meant to be a temporary change and the plan is to return the automatic pulldown removal functionality to 24p Sequences with the 4.0.2 update in early 2009.
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          Just out of curiosity, where did you read that?
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              Horrible news and almost a deal breaker if it takes that long to fix. I might sell my CS4 till next year when I can edit my footage like a normal person. I understand workarounds for odd things but having to do a work around in every clip is horrible. They've used these things (24p support, improved p2 workflow)as selling points.
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                It's really not that bad, Josh. One of the dv2Film methods also requires the clips to be manually Interpreted as widescreen. Since this can be done to all clips in a bin simultaneously, it's really just a couple of clicks.
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                  dv2film? So what? There's no problem with it being widescreen or the wrong PAR. I'm not shooting on a 30p camera, wanting Adobe to make it filmlike-24p. dv2film is for people that can't shoot 24pa.

                  I'm shooting 24p HD with P2 cards that works fine in cs2, cs3, vegas, final cut and Avid you don't have to take extra steps. I know it can be done all at one time in the bin. But that negates the media browser coolness because you can't even preview 24pa clips without interlace artifacts screwing it up.

                  About the...it's just a couple clicks.....Well it's just a couple of clicks to drag all the clips in clips I want to look at then erase then like I did in CS3. Stop trying to whitewash things by saying it's just a few more clicks. It was a feature before and every other major NLE does it without 'a few more clicks'

                  Fact is Adobe screwed the 24p people so they could have a timeline that supports all frame rates.

                  edit sorry to be rude.......Media browser was made with tapeless workflow in mind (check to Adobe site). Bridge can't preview tapeless media so this was a good idea.

                  Also you might expect it to work like Bridge but you can pick in and out points on any other type of footage then drag it into the browser without going through those extra clicks. As long as you didn't shoot 24pa. Something me and the millions of other dvx and hvx owners have been doing for years.

                  Just don't understand why Adobe sacked so many features like this and Aff export to rush this thing out.

                  At least they should have been clear on the how to video's or something. Nowhere on Adobe's site does it say anything about this.

                  I can't believe I spent the past few weeks making excuses for cs4 only to find my basic workflow compromised for 4-6 months.
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                    Sorry for snapping there but I know it's not that bad, I've been dealing with it everyday thinking that it'd be fixed with the first patch. I was totally cool with it.

                    The though have having to do another work around for 4-6 months slays me. I would have never started editing my feature on it.

                    I brought in a reel that was already cut from cs3 and started correcting it and doing FX. I tweaked more than a few cuts but didn't drop in any new footage until a 5 days ago. That's when I found out the problem.

                    Of course there is no aff export anymore and cs3 won't open cs4 project files. I just shot some pick up's for the reel. So know what do about the other reels, some still need to fine cut those. Or the trailer?

                    So hopefully can understand why I'm p****d. I also need AFF to give the sound mixer, hopefully that'll be coming this month.

                    Again sorry man.
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                      I just ran into this and I couldn't figure out why my 24P footage was looking screwy. It's the first 24P I have shot since switching to CS4. Why is it that every other editor can understand the footage imported but Adobe can't? I started the project as a 24P widescreen project, you would think PP would understand that I am probably going to import 24P footage! Fer cryin' out loud I am getting sick of CS4.

                      Thanks for posting this or I would have been pulling my hair out.
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                        5 months and still not fixed.........