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    How to set up scratch disk

      Hello All,
      Would like some advise on the topic of scratch disk set up.My system is as follows:O.S.:Windows XP Pro W/SP3
      H.D.'s:C:1 Western Digital 300gb 10,000 rpm,16meg
      D:DvD/Blue Ray
      E:2 Western Digital 750gb 7,200 rpm,32meg (raid 0)
      F:1 Western Digital 750gb 7,200 rpm,32meg
      M.B.:Intel DX58SO
      CPU.:Intel Core i7 920 2.66ghz
      RAM.:3gig DDR3 Triple Channel
      I use the C:drive for OS,and Programs,and I also save the adobe Program file there.I use the E:drive to capture my video and audio files.I use the F:drive to export for dvd rendering.Should I Specify folders on the E:drive for video and audio.Also what about the preview files?
      Thanks For Your Help,