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    Problems importing Sony Handycam mpg files into Premier Pro CS4

      I'm investigating Premier Pro CS4 for video editing and if I can make it work okay then I will purchase the Master Collection. Otherwise I may go to the MAC and use Final Cut. I need immediately to edit files downloaded from a Sony HandyCam that come off in an mpg format I believe it is (MPEG-2). My understanding is that the Premier Pro supports the importing of mpg files.

      When I attempt to import one of theses mpg files I get the error, "Unsupported file format or damaged file." I know the files are okay because I can play them with Windows Media Player and have been able to edit them with Window Movie Maker. Now I need a more robust editing environment and am looking at Premier Pro to be the solutions.

      Has anyone had experience with importing mpg files? Is there a Codec needed? If so where can I get it and how do I install it?