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    Project will not open

      Hi all,

      I've been working on a project for several weeks now, and yesterday, I did about 3 hours of work on it. I closed the project and tried to import the sequence into another project and it was taking too long and then I got an error message about a DLL. I, unfortunately, didn't write down what it was. So, I tried to open the project and I haven't been able to open it after repeated tries. In my Windows task manager, I see that the import process server.exe goes up to almost 900,000, while the Adobe premiere. exe goes up to about 350,000 and then it hangs there, with the CPU usage from 1 to 4%. It never tells me it's not responding and after about 5 minutes I abort. I do have a back up, but, that 3 hours yesterday was a lot of changes.
      Any clues as to how I can retrieve the project?