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    Slow previews and renders

      I'm getting very choppy previews in my PPCS4 project. The effect that is causing difficulties is RGB Curves. I am previewing in Draft Quality. Is this normal? My system specs are as follows

      Video Card: GeForce 260 896MB 216 core
      RAM: 4 GB OCZ DDR2-800 RAM
      CPU: P4-D 3.2ghz
      Mobo: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe

      I think part of the problem is that the footage I was given to cut was HDV, which was captured to .MOV files.

      As well, rendering takes a very very long time it seems. It takes well over 1.5 hrs to render a 8 minute clip in H.264 on the 720P preset (@ 4kbps bitrate). It seems like my GPU should be taking most of the load, but under render, my CPU is maxed out at 99%.

      I am running the newest CS4 updates.

      Does anyone have any ideas or insight?

      Thank you for you time!