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    5d mk2 + CS4 Premier PRo + MAC - HELP!

      I've been trying to find an answer to how I can edit my 5d MK II files on CS4 PP for mac. Most answers relate to windows machines and other answers just state that getting a mac with FCP is the answer. I can edit my full 1080p files in iMovie. So far everything i've tried on PP CS4 has resulted in VERY choppy footage which is uneditable. I downloaded the trial version to give Aobe a chance. I already own the Photoshop cs3 and Lightroom 2.2 and would not mind the discount in the upgrade package. But if its not gonna work , FCP is my future. Anyone out there tried thi and liked Premier better than FCP?

      Transcoding to lower quality and working with proxies sounds like a hell of a lot of work if i could just spend a few hundred buck more and get FCP?