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    Format of  captured video

      I am currently running Premiere Pro on Mac Pro running OS 10.5.6. I am trying to capture video from my camcorder (sony HDR HC1) in HD format (1440 x 1080i). In the capture window, if I choose the quicktime format, I do not have any of the control buttons for the camcorder and I can not capture at all. If I choose HDV, I can capture the video, but I can not play back the captured video outside of Premiere Pro. Is there a way I can capture using Quicktime (or in HDV) using a format that I will be able to use with other Mac Pro software (Quicktime or FCP)?

      Also when I put the captured video on the timeline, it has a greenish hue and requires rendering. Once rendered the video does play correctly. Is there something I can change during the capture process so that the rendering is not required?

      Also, when I put the captured video on the timeline, I can choose the video tract, but the audio always goes to tract 5 (So if I put the video on tract 1 or 2, the audio is on tract 5). I can not change the audio tract. How do I get around this.

      I would appreciate any comments. I have used Premiere Pro in the past but not since the video collection days and I am relatively new to the macintosh system (my main movie projects involves family videos as a hobby). I am trying to figure out what video formats (and codecs) work well on the Mac system vs the PC system versus both. Thanks for the help.