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    Flicker when exporting as MP4

    egrogg011 Level 1

      I have been trying different settings in PPRO CS4 when exporting my sequence (6 Min) to MP4 (h.264) and the footage starts out great, no flicker at all...but after a few pics (about 30 sec) the flickering comes back and not all the way throughout the footage, but just on some...

      I only have photos and a couple PSD files, no video. Pictures are of high enough quality to be rendered quite nice since my MPG file generated is quite nice and no issues there.

      I understand on flv and f4v the quality is lower but no flickering. I wanted a high quality but low file size for the internet.

      I have removed the flicker from each picture but still each export same thing.

      I export as MPG and then use that to convert to MP4, no flicker...why is that? I would use that but the file size is 72mb(too large for the web--progressive download)

      Shouldn't there be no flicker when direct from the timeline?

      Maybe I am doing something wrong?

      my original footage is 720 x 480. I resized the photos in PPRO CS4 added some beveling to get a 3D look. The photoshop files come out perfect.