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    Is Soundbooth integration really supposed to be this hard?

    skeeze Level 1
      I love the way dynamic link works with PPro and AE and Encore, but I am hoping that I am just missing something with what seems to be very poor integration with SoundBooth. If someone would please educate me on the most efficient workflow of working with PPro and Soundbooth.

      Logically, you would think you would right click on the audio, choose Edit in Soundbooth and you would see your video and audio inside of Soundbooth where you can edit away and any changes are dynamically heard in PPro...not the case. If you have a video/audio clip, first it has to render it...but guess what, it renders it as a .wav file when in the documentation it explicitly says that the .asnd is the best format when using in PPRo or AE...so why doesn't it render it in that format???? Second, when it opens up Soundbooth, it doesn't bring the video in...why not?...isn't that why I edited it from PPro to begin with?

      So, if you read the documentation it says to use Dynamic link, you do it the reverse, you open a multi-track file and then choose dynamic link from there and import the sequence...Ok that part works, but if you want to be able to apply any additional affects, clean up the audio, etc. it won't let you...in the documentation you are supposed to have an "extract audio" option that appears in the upper left of the video...but that only works if you import a video file (i..e like an .avi), and this option doesn't appear for a video with Dynamic link...what's up with that?

      So, what is the most efficient way of working with PPRo and Soundbooth if you want to add a score to a video for example but also include some of the original audio from the video clip? Based on what I have seen so far, the following would seem to make the most sense, but I would LOVE for someone to tell me I am just being silly and there is a much easier way.

      1. Do ALL your video editing in PPro and do whatever editing to the sound original soundtrack using PPro tools, or unlink the audio from the video and then choose to edit in Soundbooth (saves a rendering step).
      2. Since you can't extract audio when you dynamically link, you are going to have to save the audio file out as a .asnd file when you have it up in SOundbooth from PPro.
      3. Once you are pretty happy with your video and original audio changes, save your ppro file and then go into Soundbooth and choose dynamic link and bring in your sequence into Soundbooth.
      4. Bring in the .asnd file you saved out into your multitrack since you can't extract the audio from the dynamic link file.
      5. Bring in any other music and create your score..until you are happy with it. If you need to change your video, change it in PPro and the video will automatically be updated in Soundbooth. Continue your sound edits until you are happy with the changes.
      6. When everything is complete, save your file as a .asnd and bring it into ppro?

      I am a bit confused on this one...any help would be appreciated.