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    Cannot do Voice-over

    Jeanmatu Level 1
      I cannot get either my bluesnowball USB mike or an analog audio mike to work in premiere pro CS4 for voice over recording. My system, windows vista home edition (32 bit) recognizes and loads the drivers for the USB mike, but when I try to record voice overs I get no audio, only static in the audio track. Adobe gave me some advice, which I followed, but I still cannot get it to work. My audio card is a Soundblaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer mounted in an HP Pavilion Ultimate (AMD PHENOM 9600 Quad-core processor, and an NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800GT (512MB)). Any help or someone with a similar problem? - Jean.
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          See: Microphone → USB for some possibilities.


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            Level 1
            I've just switched to PPro CS4 after years of being a Vegas user ... because Vegas Pro 8 is @#$%%^&.

            I'm trying to configure PPro to record my Rode Podcaster USB mic for VO's ... Adobe Soundbooth can record the mic and playback the file via my Audigy 2 card by simply configuring Preferences / Audio Hardware / using the default device 'Soundbooth 2.0 WDM Sound' and selecting the Podcaster mic from the list of available inputs in 'Settings' and selecting the output to go to the Creative Speakers.

            That's all good.

            BUT THE SAME THING doesn't work in Premiere Pro. I do the same setup in Preferences ... but the 'Premiere Pro WDM Sound' default device doesn't see the Podcaster (why NOT? the Soundbooth one can? and I can't use the 'Soundbooth 2.0 WDM Sound' default device in Premiere Pro ... Why can't PPros WDM sound device see the MIC if Soundbooth's can???) ...

            So I browse around the forums and find a reference to someone else who can't get a simple audio input working in Premiere Pro for their USB mic ... someone suggests downloading and installing good old ASIO 4 ALL ... man, I used to use that with Cubase years ago when nothing worked ... anyway ... did the download ... (BTW ... 'ASIO 4 All' looks all grown up now, very professional ... the old George Bush graphic for the 'simple' options and Albert Einstein graphic for the 'Advanced' options are gone ... probably since Obama got in ... replaced by a fancy interface with a piano keyboard instead) ... anyway, all of a sudden using 'ASIO 4 ALL' PPro can see the Podcaster USB mic and I can record on the timeline ... that's they way it should be ... if Soundbooth can do it straight away ... why can't PPro do it??????

            BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! ... just when things looked like they were going to work ... THE PLAYBACK DOESN'T WORK!!!!! ... I can record from the USB mic ... BUT I can't route the playback to my Creative speakers ... because the playback defaults to trying to squirt the sound out of my ASIO 4 ALL driver and back into my Podcaster USB mic as soon as I hit play on the timeline ... I SELECT the Creative Speakers for playback and as soon as I hit play ... it changes back to trying to make my Podcaster mic into a speaker ... THIS IS CRAP!!!!


            Darren Powell ... already disappointed with PPro ...
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              Jeanmatu Level 1
              Thanks for the info, Darren. I have a very similar problem. I have two mics a USB snowball and a plug in cheap Plantronics. I can record in soundbooth and play back in soundbooth. The recording is TERRIBLE. in Snbth and the timeline is not viewable . Adobe said to use Premiere Pro (PP), but I can't get the USB mic to talk to PP. I can go through all the steps and VO record, but all I get is static. PP will recognize that I have the snowball mic, but I end up with nothing useable. I downloaded the newer file for my sound card, and at least PP recognized the mic. Both these mics work fine in my other computer, the one I use for AVID Liquid 7.1 (WinXP). I am going to try the USB plugs in back of my computer this AM. If I meet with any success, I'll let you know. Jean Matusik
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                Level 1
                Yes, thanks Jean ... sorry for referring to you in my previous post as 'someone on a forum' ... I forgot I was actually in the forum where you posted your message! So much info to search through trying to find a fix for dodgy software which simply doesn't work and costs a lot of money.

                I have literally given up on Sony Vegas Pro 8 because of software glitches and lockups and exception errors ... almost completely killed a feature film project I've been working on for two years.

                Anyway, so I pay the money, get PPro in the hope that it will just allow me to work without problems ... with maybe a post production path for the RED camera (not holding my breath on that one) ... and the first thing I try and do is configure a simple USB VO mic to record voices on the timeline ... it DOESN'T WORK!! I can't $%^&@&%$ believe it ... !!!

                Sure, I'll get the helpful advice from people saying 'just record your VO in Soundbooth and bring it in to PPro' ... I CAN DO THAT SURE!! BUT I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT ... IF SOUNDBOOTH CAN RECORD AND PLAYBACK THE MIC THEN WHY CAN'T PPRO .... ????????

                Sorry for shouting ... this is just crap.

                Jean, I hope you have success trying to make a buck recording static for a living.

                Man, if there is a millionaire out there who wants to invest $495,000AUD in a Quantel iQ system for me right now please contact me at darren@shot-to-pieces.com.au ... I'll make you your money back and more just out of the productivity increase in my business ... this PC based software (Vegas included) has gone to crap ...

                Darren Powell
                Sydney Australia
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                  Jeanmatu Level 1
                  I tried all USB connections for my blue snowball, back of the computer and front...to no avail. Checked out my sound card settings and could get snowball to work. It just will not work in Prem Pro. The audio mixer recognizes that I have a snowball mic, but nothing in the recorded file but static. As I said before, I can record "terrible sound" in soundbooth, but you can't watch the video timeline and record voice over from there. I am curious as to whether there needs to be some sort of amplifier to get enough audio in to the voice over recording in Prem Pro audio mixer. I am contacting my sound card manufacturer to make sure that I don't need to turn on or off any switches. Personally, I think the problem is in the Prem Pro aduio mixer/ or audio hardware recognition. Still struggling Jean Matusik
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                    Dag Norum Level 2

                    Oh, I thought you were having problem with a USB microphone, and not the video part...

                    Jean and Darren,

                    I just can't understand why anybody would use an USB microphone for anything serious. The USB port is, well almost, a cool thing with an easy "hook up", but in my view, not a very dedicated sound channel.

                    Blaming Premiere for problems with sound through USB, is for me, somewhat, eh, not quite correct, but it could be just me...


                    The problem you have with an analog audio microphone is a thing that should be worth while to look into, but I'm still using CS3 so hopefully somebody else can come in with some ideas.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                      >it could be just me...

                      It ain't just you.
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                        Level 1
                        Dag and Jim,

                        You obviously haven't seen the Rode Podcaster from Australia ...


                        it's a great mic for the 'serious' stuff that I do ...

                        And YES, I am also having trouble with the video part of PPro ... I'm trying to migrate from Vegas Pro 8 because it's been full of bugs since its release ... and I can't even get deck control working in PPro with a simple firewire connection from a Sony HDR-HC7 camera ...

                        even the beta version of Vegas Pro 9.0 sitting on the very same quadcore machine as my new version of PPro CS4 gives me deck control from the same firewire connection ... so what the $%^&#$ is going ON???????

                        Darren Powell
                        Sydney Australia

                        (and again ... for the 'serious' tv commercial project I'm working on ... why does my USB mic work in Soundbooth and NOT in PPro ... side by side on the same machine ?????)

                        (it could be just me... It ain't just you. ... ummm it could just be both of you ...)
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                          Dag Norum Level 2

                          It could be that your USB microphone may be a good one for voice. Much has obviously happend with USB microphones since last time I checked. Having worked with sound analyzers for many years, I just haven't gotten used to that anything when it comes to sound should go through USB.

                          Anyway, the main point, and to which Jim commented on, is that it is not quite right to blame Premiere for USB microphone problems.

                          I agree though, that it is a bit funny that Soundbooth "hears" the mic, but not Premiere. But then I also think that writing about getting a new computer and moving to other editing application is not what's going to help you make your mic work in Premiere.

                          PS! Nice picture of your mic, but I didn't hear anything :)

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8
                            >the main point, and to which Jim commented on, is that it is not quite right to blame Premiere for USB microphone problems.

                            The main point that I was working on was the USB connection. You can start with a half-million-dollar video camera, but if you send it's HD feed via composite, the end result won't be as good as it could be.

                            The preferred mic connection is usually XLR. Since few computers have such a connection, the preferred method is to record audio to an audio device, and then bring that into Premiere to work with.
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                              joshtownsend Level 2
                              I gotta ask. Why not just record your video and/or audio and then bring them into Premiere? If it records fine in Vegas capture it there then bring into Premiere.

                              Besides if Premiere doesn't work with your mic then I doubt there anything anyone can tell you that's going to make it work. Some hardware just doesn't work.

                              Maybe you should check out On Location Adobe's program for recording into the computer.

                              Did you say you have a Vegas Pro 9 beta? What's up with that?
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                                Level 1
                                Dag Jim and Josh,

                                Thanks for your comments and my apologies for getting a bit stressed about the instability of post software these days ...

                                I've just come off a 2 year long feature film project and Vegas Pro 8 almost killed it ... 'exception errors' and 'sorry for the inconvenience errors' ... not good when you've got a looming deadline approaching. Yes, I am a Sony Beta Tester and I can't make any comments about Vegas Pro 9 beta which I received last week - sorry.

                                The point I'm making is I don't want to capture and record in some other program just because PPro can't do it ... if Soundbooth can record the Podcaster and Vegas has deck control of my little HDR-HC7 camera ... then PPro should be able to do exactly the same thing ...

                                simple as that ... I don't want the extra mouse clicks recording stuff elsewhere just so I can bring it into PPro ... for the money PPro CS4 should be able to do it ... and it can't ... I must have clicked my mouse a million times over making this feature ... www.thesilentwomanmovie.com ... and a lot of those were work-arounds for Vegas Pro 8 ... I don't want-work arounds I just want software that works.

                                So, I'm going to disappear back into the ether and not bother you fine folks anymore ... I'm off to try and find a backer for a Quantel iQ DI system ... I've heard they work ...


                                Darren Powell
                                Sydney Australia
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                                  Jeanmatu Level 1
                                  Greetings Darren, I did get PP CS4 to record VO with my USB mic.. Here's what I did. First, downloaded the latest drivers for my sound card, then checked that the USB mic worked there; as well as, configure your card for whatever mic is to be used. Second, went into PP to the capture window and set my "Scratch Disk" to a different hard drive than where PP was located. Third brought up the Audio Mixer window and set the preferences in the audio hardware window until I got the microphone icon to become red. The audio mixer should recognize the mic and offer some choices. In the mixer, mute all the other channels in the audio mixer by using the "trumpet" icon on the channel that you are using (that shuts off the sound to the other channels), now hit the record button at the bottom, it should start flashing. At this point the directions in the Adobe manual says PP should show audio volume; however, it didn't. I hit the play video button and started recording my audio file and it worked. I got a VO file. The VO volume was quite low, but I could process it successfully in the timeline. The audio recording instructions start on page 300 of the manual. Hope this helps. Jean Matusik
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                                    Level 1

                                    Don't feel bad. Many times when a legitimate user comes to this forum with a legitimate Premiere problem the Premiere sycophants and Microsoft apologists try to blame it on the user. Just because they don't record audio directly to computer using USB they don't feel that ANYONE should. Of course, people have been doing it quite successfully (and with excellent quality) for many years.

                                    It would be an interesting experiment to see if Premiere would recognize an analog to digital converter such as a Roland device. If it did you could use an analog mic into that to record with. A pain but a potential solution.

                                    And Darren---it's not you.
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                                      creig bryan-mUOxt4 Level 1
                                      Smiling, Keep On
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                                        BLecure Level 1

                                        I had a similar problem recording VO using a usb headset.  After long hours of tech discussions with both Apple and Adobe, the solution was to create and record on a MONO track, not a stereo track.  Once I did this, everything went very smoothly.  Hope this helps.

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                                          topbunkvideo Level 1

                                          Thanks BLecure, you solved my problem!

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                                            BLecure Level 1

                                            My pleasure......it took far too many hours for anyone at Adobe to figure this one out!  Seems like that should be more clearly notated SOMEWHERE!!!



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                                              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                              You can make a note of that in the Premiere Pro online Help


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                                                StemMedia Level 1

                                                So 4 years on this still hasn't been worked out....


                                                Cmon Adobe!! We pay real MONEY for this product and it can't do basic operations like record a voice over form a USB mic? FCP7 from 2007 can do this? So why not the whiz bang Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

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                                                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                  Hi StemMedia,

                                                  Have you enabled the mic in Premiere Pro preferences > Audio Hardware?




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                                                    StemMedia Level 1

                                                    Yes. Will not go into record mode on channel once selected.





                                                    On 2013-11-12 11:47, Kevin Monahan wrote:


                                                    RE: CANNOT DO



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                                                      Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                      Hi StemMedia,

                                                      Sorry about this.


                                                      We do know about the issue and are working on a fix. Currently, single-channel, USB input devices must be added to an Aggregate Device only AFTER the initial output device is added. If the input device is first in the order of operations, Premiere attempts to use the output channels as input channels in the mixer and recording is problematic.


                                                      If you are on a Mac, this doc may help you get up and running: https://anna.nscad.ns.ca/help/pdfs/Setting%20up%20a%20USB%20Microphone%20for%20Premiere%20 CS6.pdf


                                                      Let us know if you have any trouble with this workaround.




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                                                        StemMedia Level 1

                                                        Thanks Kevin,


                                                        I'm working on PP CC so I don't get the same menu

                                                        box that appears in CS6. I don't have Audio Output Mapping as a separate

                                                        line its just in Audio Hardware.


                                                        Still can't get it to work.





                                                        On 2013-11-12 11:59, Kevin Monahan wrote:


                                                        RE: CANNOT DO



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                                                          StemMedia Level 1

                                                          Don't get me wrong. I really like working with PP but there are some

                                                          really basic elements that just don't work well and this is a big one.

                                                          I've been using it for a year or so now and have been just doing the

                                                          FCP7 work around but it's suddenly hit me that, as a professional bit of

                                                          software, PP should be able to do this! Me doing the work around is

                                                          costing me time and therefore MONEY!!


                                                          I'd really appreciate a fix on

                                                          this ASAP.




                                                          On 2013-11-12 11:59, Kevin Monahan wrote:



                                                          CANNOT DO VOICE-OVER


                                                          created by Kevin Monahan in Premiere Pro

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