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    cannot playback video...system overload


      I am new to Premiere. I bought the product and installed it onto both my desktop and my laptop (PC).
      Using Premiere on my laptop works smoothly. Everything is perfect, no complains (I have a Toshiba 17" Satellite pro 300P).
      Now, the problems start when I try using Premiere on my desktop PC. Just starting a new sequence will make my Mem Usage (in Task Manager) jump to 300,000K (when on my laptop it shows 50,000K). The program is extremely slow. something such as minimizing the Premiere window is a 1 minute task....HELP

      Another thing is that my desktop PC won't even playback any video in any format (AVI, MPEG, AVCHD, QT etc.), the little triangle in the preview window does press when hitting spacebar, but nothing moves. I can use the jog wheel on the preview window, but nothing moves on the actual timeline.

      All my settings are at default (works fine with the Toshiba laptop...)

      These are the components in my desktop:

      Win XP Pro
      ATI Radeon HD 4870
      RME FireFace 400 (audio interface)
      ASUS p5qws

      I run a separate system and data drive (both are 1 TB Samsung 7200RPM)