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    EDL import showing clips as having different timecodes when linked in premiere

      ok, I own both a mac and a pc. The Mac as you would expect handles all my FCP work that I get in and My PC handles all of my Adobe and Avid work.

      I recently shot a music video shooting on the HPX500 using Panasonic P2 cards recording at 720p 50F/s DVCPROHD etc. We set the timecode manualy on the shoot and because the shoot was quite intensive my lunch break was taken up Ingesting all the MXF files into my Hard drive using the Directors Macbook pro. I started by saving all the MXF files aswell but as soon as it became apparent this would take to long I just rewrapped the files using the "Log and Transfer" option in FCP. I took the files home and Edited them in FCP till I got what I wanted. I then Exported the Project as a CMX 3600 EDL and moved the EDL to the PC so that I could do the online and grading in After Effects. The EDL was imported successfully into premiere, the timeline the was perfect legnth, all the edits were in the right places and all the offline media displaying all the right timecodes. In short the EDL worked fine. However when the DVCPro HD clips where linked up the timecode of the clips, when displayed in Premiere, is completely different than when the same clip is showed in Final Cut Pro. The strangest thing about it is that I am using exactly the same hard drive for Premiere as I used for final cut pro on the mac. The source files are exactly the same except the PC shows the clip starting with the timecode 05:27:43:17 and the Mac shows the same clip starting with the timecode 03:43:11:12.

      What is going on?