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    Adding metadata w/xmp during tape digitizing with premiere

      Is there a way to add metadata (i was thinking with adobe xmp) to a tape during the digitizing process. im aware of being able to add metadata to the file after its been digitzed, but based upon encoding the digitized file to a wmv the metadata doesnt stick.

      What im trying to do is add keywords and other metadata to a tape when digitizing so that when the tape has finished digitizing i can right click on the file and see the metadata embeded into the file. from there i can manipulate that master digitized file (for example encode it to different wmv files) and that the metadata will remain attached to the encoded files.

      I figured i would start at the master digitized tape level and inject metadata into it so i wouldnt have to go back and add metadata to the encoded multiple wmv files
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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          I think you can get this to work, but I've not tried it so you'll have to experiment with it.

          There are a couple options in Edit > Preferences > Media that I believe need to be enabled to get this to work. Turn on both "Write XMP ID to files on import" and "Enable Clip and XMP Metadata linking". The first option should make sure that you imported and (I'm assuming) captured clips will have an XMP file created, and the second option should get Premiere to copy the clip information you enter in the Capture window into the XMP sidecar file for a given clip. So, you're creating internal metadata (the "clip" metadata) that syncs up to an external metadata file. The external XMP file should "stick" to the media no matter where it's moved throughout the Production Suite.

          Once you send your clip or sequence to Media Encoder, click the flyout menu to make sure "Include Source XMP Metadata" is checked. I'm assuming that you're exporting whole clips, and not edited sequences, because I'm not sure how "source" metadata would apply to a sequence of multiple clips. Again, you'll have to experiment. Finally, the amount of metadata that gets transferred into an encoded clip is going to be dependent on the target media type. In other words, WMV might not have all the metadata/information fields that h.264 or FLV may, or instance.