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    New PC advice Please

      I already use a PC I bought 18 months ago for editing using CS3. It works fine.

      I have just ordered a new Dell PC to replace my 4 year old general purpose machine.

      The new machine I have ordered has the following spec.

      Dell XPS 430 - (D03X303)
      Intel® Core 2 Quad Core Processor Q8200 (2.33GHz, 1333MHz, 4MB cache), Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium SP1 -
      Memory 4096MB 1067 MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [4x1024]
      Video Card 512MB ATIRadeon HD 4670 graphics card
      Hard Drive 1.2 TB (2x 640 GB) Serial ATA (7200 Rpm) Dual HDD Config Raid 0 Stripe
      Integrated HDA 7.1 Dolby Digital Audio

      The question I have is whether this new PC is good enough for running CS4 or whether I should just upgrade my existing "editing" PC from CS3 to CS4.

      The PC I currently run CS3 on is:

      Intel Core 2 Quad @2.40 GHz
      Memory 4 GB
      Video card: NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS
      One 750 Gb SATA hard drive

      Any views would be welcome.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          It's a hell of a lot better than mine and I run CS4 OK.

          However, I do recommend running the suite on it's own machine. Use a second for all other tasks - gaming, Email, Internet, etc.
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            Harm Millaard Level 7
            Since you are considering buying from Dell, I suggest to leave out the 2nd hard disk from them and forget about a raid0 for a boot disk, but to buy a couple of additional hard disks elsewhere and add them yourself to the system. It will be far less expensive and the additional storage will improve performance.
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              GlennCurtis Level 1
              Great; thanks very much for the info.

              I will therefore use my new Dell purely for CS4. I will move all my existing stuff (ie MS Office, Internet etc) to my current CS3 machine.

              Regarding the discs; I have some already which I can use in the new machine.

              Once again - thank you for the speedy response
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                don solomon Level 1
                If you have the space and are going to run your old machine for other purposes anyway, one solution is to put just CS4 only on your new Dell, but if you aren't going to have the old machine up and running all the time doing something while you edit on CS4, why not just use a dual boot system with CS4 on one side isolated from the internet, etc, and everything else on the other. That way all your apps get the advantage of an up to date,faster, more effective platform, and you'll not only save space but be a little greener in the bargain :)

                I would also check out the ATI radeon for compatibility with all the apps in the CS4 bundle. There have been issues with some ATI cards, but my memory doesn't serve me well on whether the 4670 was one of them.
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                  GlennCurtis Level 1
                  I will definitely only use the Dell for CS4 and see what I can find about the ATI card compatability issue.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7
                    Up to now I have not encountered problems with an ATI HD4870 with the 9.2 drivers.
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                      GlennCurtis Level 1
                      So I should make sure I have the latest drivers when I get the PC.

                      I can always give it a try and then switch back if I were to have horrendous driver issues. Hopefully unlikely!