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    Premier Pro does not work for standard network (Mac) users

      I'm having a problem getting CS4 Premiere Pro working for any standard network Mac users. I am thinking it is a permissions issue because the local administrator account can use the software with no problems.

      I have tried to give access rights to the students to the folders that are nessesary for it to run, but i am unsure if this should be done locally on the Mac or from the server using a policy.

      The (student user) can get as far as selecting a new sequence and pressing "ok" but after that, the software crashes with an exception type:- EXC_BAD_ACCESS (sigbus) from the error report.

      They are using Intel Core duo 2.66ghz Imacs 4gb ram with OS X 10.5.6 and logging in from OS X server 10.4.11. Also the PP version is 4.0.1.

      Any help or tips would be much appreciated, due to assignments needing to be finished.