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    Pre-rendered media naming

    joshtownsend Level 2
      Is there any logic in the prerender file names? Say I have an hour long show and I just want to find the AE comps I pre-rendered to save just those and erase everything else?

      BTW I'm getting sick perfomance from AME now. Going from 1080 dvcprohd files to one-pass dvd using prerendered video it takes a minute to render one minute. The comp takes a minute or two to load before the rendering starts, but wow this is fast for Vista 32 4 gig ram q9550 quad at 3.7 air cooled.
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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          I've not been able to deduce any sort of logical pattern. It's all gibberish, near as I can tell.

          I was kind of disappointed to see that in CS4, while there are some new options for rendering, there is still a giant black hole when dealing with unused renders. There is no "Delete Unused Renders" function. I used to do this all the time on Avid with the Media Tool. Select your sequence, tell the Media Tool to find all media relatives, invert the selection, and delete--wham. I personally think it would be useful to be able to purge old, unused renders without deleting ALL renders.

          Your question brings me to another point: why is there no "render and replace" function for DL'ed AE comps in PP? That would pretty swell...
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            >There is no "Delete Unused Renders" function.

            Now that would be a useful function, more so than speech to text (if only because it would likely work a lot better.)
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              joshtownsend Level 2
              " why is there no "render and replace" function for DL'ed AE comps in PP?"

              Yeah that kills me.........Having reopen each AE project and collect files then point Premiere to the new AE comp.

              I also that no AE project files are created when you reduce with Project Manager.

              And as far as the Delete unused renders. Man I had to open my comps then check the 'date accessed' in Windows Explorer to find out which ones where still be used in a project I been fiddling with for a month or so.