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    AdobePpremiere Cs4 Video playback problem solved (ish)

      So with cs4 there seems to be a lot of errors of the video playing audio fine but the video only plays a single frame (http://s5.tinypic.com/2zhm5he.jpg)

      Multiple threads have been made about the same topic regarding different file extensions .avi .mpeg all the same

      The problem seems to be involved with some how the codecs that worked with previous versions of Premier are no longer supported. Video files that worked before now dont work

      Theres a better way of doing it Im sure, but heres my ghetto version of making the videos work

      Simply find a video converter and convert the file to a format that will work in Premier. The problem is finding one thats compatible. Specifically I used Magic Video Converter and the only format that worked were .mpg files, but thats the only way Ive found that works.

      Feel free to comment if theres a better way of doing it or if im just stupid