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    Any body have any ideas of the settings to encode a video for youtube.

      Okey i have one gameplay video and i want to encode so that the video size will be small and the quality okey that i cant use the "watch in high quality" option in youtube, thats important otherwise the video quality is really bad and it's all pixelated.

      I'm filming my gameplay with a still camera, i'm not sure if that's okey.

      Would be the best if the video would stay small or more important is the "high quality option" no matter if the size is big,i'll just then upload the video one day or something like that,because i have a slow connection speed.

      I encoded the video to the h.264 and the "Youtube" option but the video is blurry so..i think i can't use the "high quality" option in youtube ?

      Thanks in advance.