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    Preserving DateTime Code (PPro CS4)

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      Premiere Pro CS4
      XP Pro SP3

      My goal is to preserve the DateTime code from my miniDV tapes when I capture and edit AVI files. It is unclear during the capture and editing process where DateTime code is preserved or lost.

      I record the DateTime code on all my miniDV tapes.

      When I use Premiere CS4 to capture a tape to an AVI file,
      does the AVI file preserves the DateTime code?
      I cannot find anywhere in editing a sequence where PPro
      shows the DateTime code, but that does not mean the captured
      AVI file does not have the DateTime code in the AVI file
      even though PPro may not use it for the editing process.

      When you export a sequence as an AVI file,
      does it have the DateTime code?

      If PPro cannot preserve the DateTime code,
      are there other applications which do?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
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            You might want to look at Scenalyzer Live for DV capture on PC. You can read the Data Code after capture but, more usefully, you can append date/time of the first frame of each clip to the filename, which makes sorting etc in Premiere using date/time very easy.

            Free fully-functional try-before-buy (with video watermark until registered) from www.scenalyzer.com.
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              DVMP Pro can do all that too. It can also change the Date Modified (or add the date to the the filename) for Raw DV, HDV, MOD and AVCHD file types too.

              To answer the questions in the original post, capture using any program *should* create files on the hard drive which have the date and time metadata preserved - capture is similar to a file copy operation so there's no reason why the date and time should be lost at that stage.

              Also if the only editing you do is simple cuts, then the DV data is exported as a copy of the original files because there's no need to re-encode them, so that should preserve the date and time too. But if you have any transitions or filters in the editor then editor is effectively generating NEW frames, so these usually do NOT contain date and time metadata for the duration of the transition or filter.

              Date and time metadata is stored separately for every frame in the file (not just as a start time) - that's what the camera uses to display the constantly changing date and time and exposure details on its LCD screen.

              You can watch the date and time and exposure info change on your PC by playing the file using DVMP.
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                Hi Guys


                I have similar problem. I have some avi files with time and date information on it but whenever i try to import any of those file I loose time and date information.


                If any one has any info on how to solve this problem, please do let me know.


                Thanks in Advance