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    Premiere Pro will not open all of a sudden

      The other day I was using CS3 perfectly fine, but then it randomly wouldn't open anymore. So I decided this was the right time to upgrade to CS4, but now it also won't open.
      I get a message asking if I'd like to report this error to Adobe, and I've done that.

      I'm not sure what the problem could be, I've uninstalled Quicktime because I had noticed that when I had upgraded to Quicktime Pro it coincedentially occured the same day as Premiere stopped working.

      I've provided as much information as I could to attempt to get help.

      # Premiere Pro

      1. PC
      2. Version 4.0.0
      3. Install Language: English
      4. Updates applied: None
      5. Project settings: Default I beleive, Haven't been able to use CS4 yet.

      # Operating System

      1. Microsoft Windows Vista
      2. Update/patch level: Service Pack 1?
      3. Installed language: English

      # CPU type and speed: Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200, 2.00 GHZ
      # Amount of memory (RAM): 3 Gbs
      # Video card

      1. Manufacturer: Intel
      2. Model: Model Intel 4 Series Express
      3. Driver version: Unknown

      # Number of monitors (displays) in use: 1
      # Audio card

      1. Manufacturer: Intel
      2. Model: Intel High Deifnition Audio HDMI
      3. Driver version: Unknown

      # Each hard drive's capacity and space remaining: C:/, 47.9 gb/111 gb D:/ 111 gb/111gb

      Error Log:

      Is too long to post, but if it's required I'll post it.